Hearing Aids in Cincinnati

If you find yourself hearing less detail in your everyday life, you may want to come into P.K. Lambert & Associates for a check-up. Whether you're an audiophile or not, hearing is still an important sense in your daily life, so let us see what we can do to help with any hearing loss.


Types of hearing aids

P.K. Lambert & Associates carries many high quality hearing aids from different manufacturers in our practice. Types include full shell, mini, and deep fit, as well as behind the ear and small, open-fit models, and over the ear models. What we choose for you depends on your preference and lifestyle, which you'll discuss with our audiologist.


Personalized products

Each pair of hearing aids is custom fit to your ears for maximum functionality. They are made based off of impressions of your ear canals. Our practice makes custom swim plugs which completely block water out of your ear, which makes it perfect for showering or swimming.


Bluetooth Technology

Many of our hearing aids are capable of using Bluetooth technology to connect directly with your cell phone or television. This technology has enable many people to improve their listening ability well beyond their expectations. Even those with severe hearing loss can now enjoy television viewing and cell phone use.

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