Cincinnati’s Most Caring Audiologist

The resident audiologist at P.K. Lambert & Associates is Patricia K. Lambert, M.A. She is board certified in audiology through the American Board of Audiology and also holds state licensure from Ohio in audiology. Before opening up her own private practice in 2009, Patricia worked at many medical private practice settings.



Audiologist Patricia has a master’s degree in audiology from the University of Cincinnati. She did an audiology fellowship year at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis and continued afterward with a teaching and clinical services position at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for 20 years.



Patricia has over 30 years of experience in the field of diagnostic audiology and fitting hearing aids. This makes her extremely adept at pinpointing her patients' problems and giving them excellent treatment and solutions. She has also honed her skills at treating patients with personal and compassionate care, so you'll always feel at ease at her practice.

Special interests


Our audiologist holds several special interests in her field. These include the fitting of state-of the-art digital hearing aids, diagnostic hearing testing and custom-fit musicians' earpieces. Her goal is to do her utmost in helping everyone hear to the best of their capabilities so they don't miss out on important details in their lives.

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